Post#5 Hold fast to your blog—A huge wave of social tools is approaching

Yesterday I logged in my Facebook to see what people were doing and noticed that my friend Amy just published a new post. She became a fan of Facebook one year ago and has shown great passion to write posts on it since then. However, when I clicked the hyperlink on her profile page and paid a visit to her original blog, I was surprised to find that her latest post was published in June—she hasn’t updated it for more than four months, which was in stark contrast with the fact that she published posts every week on Facebook.

Nowadays, given the fast pace of change in the internets, more and more users were choosing other blog-like things in other online spaces as they post updates about their lives, jokes, and links on social networking sites like twitter and Facebook. The latter is the social media giant that was launched in 2004 and soon developed into a multi-media rich social networking portal. It was so easy to publish and share posts on Facebook because it didn’t require any plugins or widgets. Today with more and more people using Facebook to write posts instead of blogs, some even say “blogs will no longer be here to stay. “Is that true and are blogs redundant in an age of status updates?

That’s not true. But what we have to admit first is that blogs are losing their status as social platforms for people to share. Although a lot of young people wrote blogs when it first became a tool, the blog would not be a sticky choice for them. Why? That’s mainly because Facebook posts are more relaxing and fashionable. Firstly, writing blogs can be fun but the discipline can also sometimes be a drag because the attention span of young people today would never remain on one item. What’s more, creating, maintaining and developing a blog takes a lot of research, time and effort with determining what plugins to use, what widgets to embed or what email and RSS subscription platforms to use. As for Facebook, it is much more interactive than a blog to encourage trivial and fun posts. It does not exactly give weight to the information posted on it and most users are able to take any information from it.

Nevertheless, although social media tools have made our work easier, it doesn’t mean that they have eroded blogs to the point of being useless. Here I’d like to take Facebook as an example and make a comparison to show the irreplaceable role that blogs play.

First of all, Facebook is under censorship while blogs are self-owned. Facebook is a business owned by a set of investors, which makes content posted on it legally theirs to do what they want with it. Though Facebook doesn’t actually own your content, they own access to it. If you place your content on someone else’s platform, you are giving them control over who sees it and when. Privacy issues and hacking are also increasingly making Facebook less reliable as a means of disseminating information.

Second, people will continue to use blogs to go for expert opinions. As today’s young people grow up, they get jobs, open businesses, and will increasingly turn to professional blogs for advice, information and also as a tool for sales and marketing. Facebook is more of a huge community for people to make friends and share interests, without much professional or technological information. Therefore, leaders in all fields will continue to rely on blogs to spread their views and messages. And their audience will also use blogs to find authorized resources.

Finally, when blogs emerged in the 1990′s, they were mainly text based, but they quickly gained popularity by gradually evolving into multimedia platforms where people could insert videos, images and other widgets to make their posts more colorful. That means some attractive features of Facebook will also be applied soon to blogs to make them more interesting and easy to use.

In conclusion, although blogs will no longer remain in the casual use, they are not dead and will be here to stay in the future. Hold fast to your blog. It’s easy to see the appeal since it is free, instantaneous, open to all and has a global reach for information.



One thought on “Post#5 Hold fast to your blog—A huge wave of social tools is approaching

  1. I definitely agree with you that blogs are still important and above all, are irreplaceable. I see social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to be more casual to “hang out with friends.” Those sites are more about getting a status update out there with some images and/or video to share or just acts as a post to let people know what’s going on. I think blogs should never be replaced because it is one outlet that is self-owned where people can share ideas, opinions, and other valuable information accustomed to the author’s desires. Facebook and Twitter are good for people who want something quick, but blogs can be very informative if presented well. Authors can present it in a way in which they like. Something you would never see with Facebook. Blogs are the “one stop” information hub for a lot of people and they are too valuable in social networking to be replaced.

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